New generation of Thai musicians who have been making their names all over the world join force in a new exciting music project ai talents are specially selected to create an ensemble that will revolutionize classical music and make it fun, friendly, trendy, and at the same time making music at the international standard right in  the heart of Bangkok.

Our aim is not to make a new phenomenon to show the rest of the world, but to do our best.

R a m a 9   A r t   M u s e u m   F o u n d a t i o n  

found that the potential of these young musicians are too high to ignore. Although the biggest obstacle is the attitude of Thai people, with the general consensus that classical music is of a higher artform that normal people such as them could never understand, we have not the slightest doubt that this attitude will change after they have heard the music from us live.

B a n g k o k   h e a r t   C l a s s i c s 

The pioneer project that will break down the barrier that people sometimes felt towards classical music, gather new audiences for classical music, and capture them in a way classical music cannot. The musicians will play core classical music repertoire but present it in a way that is interesting and attractive to young people, therefore making it less formal and welcoming.

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N o r m a l l y 

Classical music institutes here think that only 2% of the population likes classical music. They reckon that if 4% of the popula

Music is an international language that everybody could equally understand. 

This is our opportunity of bringing them live classical music.

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